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Concrete / Imprinted Concrete

Tarmac Driveway

The Driveway Company are experts at installing all types of concrete and imprinted concrete surfaces. Imprinted concrete is a great option for clients looking to get value for their money whilst creating a unique driveway or patio area.

Both concrete and imprinted concrete surfaces are suitable for all types of foot and vehicle traffic. They can be used as a driveway or a patio area. Options like concrete shed bases, concrete footpaths and concrete holding areas are also available. The key to long lasting concrete is the mixture of the concrete and the depth / application of that concrete.

Standard concrete finishes for a driveway or patio are a relatively cheap alternative to using paving or other types of surfaces. With standard concrete you can choose to have a smooth finish or a brushed finish. With imprinted concrete you can choose to colour the concrete finish, add unique patterns to it and have a matt or gloss finish.

We always take into consideration any drainage factors and our team always ensure high quality workmanship throughout. When completed, your new concrete surface will enhance the approach to your home while giving you many years of solid use.

The Driveway Company are open 7 days a week for free inspections and written quotations. Based in Solihull we provide a comprehensive package to our customers, compromising of consultation, survey, design and installation of concrete and imprinted concrete driveways.

We will walk you through the design process step by step. Creating a beautiful concrete surface that will last for many years to come. We can install circles and add a paving border to your concrete area to make it really stand out.

To talk to one of our Design & Planning Team about having a concrete / imprinted concrete surface, please call The Driveway Company today at our Office: 0121 259 0046 or on our Mobile: 07493 636495

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