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Fencing / Brickwork

The Driveway Company are experts at installing all types of wooden fencing and brickwork. Ranging from small garden fences to building boundary walls at your home in Birmingham.

Wooden panel fencing is a cheaper option than building a solid brick wall. It can be decorative by adding a trellis finish to your panels or choosing a different style of panel like curved panels or patterned panels. Gravel boards which are a great barrier to the damp can be placed at lower parts of the fencing to ensure they won’t suffer from water or damp lying against it.

Brick walls can be built in different styles and sizes. The standard 4 inch wall is used as barrier line between points but it will not be effective as a retention wall. We recommend 9 inch walls if it is going to be used a retention wall with weeping holes set into it to drain the water behind the wall away safely.

Brick walls can have different styles of headers. You can have a brick finish on the top of the wall or you can choose to install capping instead. When we are called in to assess your requirements, we help to give you options that will best suit the purpose of the wall when it is built.

The Driveway Company are open 7 days a week for free inspections and written quotations. Based in Solihull we provide a comprehensive package to our customers, compromising of consultation, survey, design and installation of fencing and brickwork.

We will walk you through the design process step by step. We can give you advice on what best suits your budget and the purpose of the boundary line. Give us a call now to schedule a visit from the professionals.

To talk to one of our Design & Planning Team about having fencing or brickwork installed, please call The Driveway Company today at our Office: 0121 259 0046 or on our Mobile: 07493 636495

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