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Natural Stone Patios

Natural Stone Patios

Natural Stone Patios are a great option for any patio or garden area at your home in Birmingham. As they are 100% natural they will maintain there style and look throughout the years. Natural stone is 100% eco friendly, comes in ranges of Yorkstone, Sandstone, Quartz, Marble and more.

Natural stone patios are a more expensive option than the standard fabricated stone products you can use in your patio. They are more endurable, will always maintain the colour and the finish can look truly outstanding. Natural stone products are not easy laid as each stone is unique. You need a qualified company like The Driveway Company to install a natural stone patio to ensure you will get the optimal design and installation of your patio.

Available in multiple types of colours and styles. It ranges from Sandstone to Yorkstone, Marble, Quartz, Slate and more. The jointing is very important as it will ensure the natural stone stays solid in place over the years. We recommend a flexible joint to ensure that the stones can flex a little without breaking any joints. We can colour the jointing to make sure it matches the choice of natural stone you have picked.

We always take into consideration any drainage factors and our team always ensure high quality workmanship throughout. From the base to the jointing, we observe all the industry standard to make sure your natural stone will last for many years to come. When completed, your natural stone patio will enhance the approach to your home while giving you many years of solid use.

The Driveway Company are open 7 days a week for free inspections and written quotations. Based in Solihull we provide a comprehensive package to our customers, compromising of consultation, survey, design and installation of natural stone patios.

We will walk you through the design process step by step. Creating a beautiful natural stone patio that will last for many years to come. You can choose to install matching brickwork and steps as well.

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